About Trailmark

At Trailmark we specialize in answering the questions you want answered, and communicating the results in ways all your audiences will understand. Our approach is trans-disciplinary from the ground up - we are a team of anthropologists, geographers, ecologists, planners, communications specialists and software developers dedicated to integrating multiple ways of knowing. In all our work we strive to partner and help build capacity because we understand communities can and should control their own knowledge.

Our services

Traditional Knowledge & Land Use Studies

Traditional Knowledge (TK) refers to comprehensive ways of understanding the world, society, and self. TK develops from generations of being in relationships with, ... [Read more]

Impact Assessments & Technical Reviews

Environmental assessments are formalized process for governments to assess, predict, and mitigate the potential impacts of a development project. Through EA processes, Crown agencies ... [Read more]

Community Engagement, Communications Planning & Facilitation

Trailmark knows how vital effective communication is at each stage of a research program, whether it be in the planning or in the dissemination of ...[Read more]

Software & Web Development

We design and build state-of-the-art, custom web application and awe-inspiring websites. We believe that software for decision making should be intuitive, versatile and fully scalable. This is what you deserve ...[Read more]

Training & Mentoring

We work together with community members and local land experts to design and carry out research. As part of this work we have the privilege of learning from and collaborating with the true ... [Read more]

GIS & Mapping

We utilize the latest geographical information system (GIS) technologies to help you with all your mapping and reporting needs. Maps are one of the best communication tools whether it's for ... [Read more]

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