Introducing Trailmark Mobile for iOS

You asked for it, and today we’re very pleased to announce Trailmark Mobile is available for your iPhone, iPad and all iOS devices. Now you can use Trailmark Mobile to turn any handheld into a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for rich mobile data collection. Use it for habitat assessment, community-based monitoring, Indigenous guardians programs, field reconnaissance, … [Read more…]

The value of a well-informed opinion

When Tsawout decided to engage with Kinder Morgan on the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion they knew they needed to document their current and future traditional uses within the areas that would be affected by the project, in particular the marine shipping lanes. The Kinder Morgan proposal calls for a significant increase in bitumen tanker … [Read more…]

A New View on TLU

“Don’t ask me about the future,” an Elder told us during a recent interview for an impact assessment. If that’s what we wanted to know about, “talk to my grandchildren,” he said. His words provide valuable insight into the perspective required for a successful impact assessment. If your task is to predict the future, your … [Read more…]

Mobile data collection – a perfect marriage for community-based research?

Community-based monitoring networks. Guardian watchmen/stewardship networks. Citizen Science. Crowd-Sourcing. Ground-truthing. Call it what you will: NGOs, community organizations, indigenous governments, wildlife managers (and their consultants) work to fill the data gaps required to manage and protect resources, allocate services, and record rights-based activities using the observational power of people — so that decisions on these … [Read more…]