Trailmark™ Web

Trailmark is a web-based software for communities to collect local expertise about the environment, manage historical and current land use and traditional knowledge information, and monitor environmental change – all in one place. Trailmark offers web-based GIS, mobile data collection, a web survey tool and digital file storage in an integrated, easy-to-use platform. Trailmark is intended to arm communities with valid, high quality land-use data accessible at any time through a secure, simple web interface.

To sign up for a free account please visit

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Trailmark™ Mobile

Introducing the all-in-one mobile data collection app for iOS and Android! Trailmark Mobile lets you collect scientific and cultural resource field data, manage other assets, ground-truth interview results, conduct field surveys, and monitor whatever you want — all faster and easier than ever before. It’s easy to learn, easy to deploy, and there's no need for any data transfer work at the back-end.

Create custom data forms in your Trailmark web account and push them out to your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. Then data collectors use the simple interface to document land use and observations with rich, real-time data, including voice recordings, photographs, GPS tracks, and more – all in the field. When Mobile users return or are back in cell range or have a Wifi connetion, data can be manually synced with your Trailmark web account. With Trailmark Mobile you can also upload spatial features to your mobile base map (e.g. for ground-truthing) or automatically send your location data to your web account so others know the real-time location of data collectors in the field.

Q: How do I try out Trailmark Mobile? Simple. Go sign up for a free account at - you can link one phone or handheld to your Trailmark account - for free. If you require more you can sign up for one of our paid subscription plans.

Q: Which data collection devices can you recommend? You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet. If you are in the field for longer periods of time and need a more rugged device we recommend using rugged handhelds and tablets made by Juniper Systems - they are simply the best on today's market. Please contact us for purchase or lease options. The majority of our clients use the CT5 or CT7 (Android).

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