Introducing Trailmark Mobile for iOS

You asked for it, and today we’re very pleased to announce Trailmark Mobile is available for your iPhone, iPad and all iOS devices.

Now you can use Trailmark Mobile to turn any handheld into a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for rich mobile data collection. Use it for habitat assessment, community-based monitoring, Indigenous guardians programs, field reconnaissance, ground-truthing, citizen science, land use planning, land asset management — and more!

Trailmark Mobile grew out of our conviction that the people who use the land are the real experts. We know that harvesters and other traditional land users are always monitoring the land anyway, and we created Trailmark Mobile so they can record what they see.

We made it simple to learn and use, so you can collect data quickly and easily while you travel instead of making it the focus of your trip. Trailmark Mobile is also fully functional offline, so you can use pre-loaded maps and other baseline data in the field no matter how far away from service you are.

Trailmark Mobile’s straightforward interface takes all the complication out of documenting traditional land use and local knowledge observations with rich, real-time data, including voice recordings, photographs, GPS tracks, and more, all in the field. Just click “sync” to upload your data to your free Trailmark web account for storage and analysis.

Since the beginning, we’ve made Trailmark Mobile for rugged handhelds that can be used in any environment. But our goal to help communities take control of their own information has meant making sure Trailmark Mobile is also available for whatever device you might already hold in your hands.

Today we are very pleased to say you can download Trailmark for all Android handhelds from the Google Play Store, and for all iOS devices from the App Store.

To sign up for a free Trailmark web account so you can deploy your mobile data collection projects, collect data and store and analyze the information you gather, please go to

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